Fleur du Mal


One of my favorite shoot from 2018 was with Fleur du Mal. A few years ago, it would have been impossible for me to feel comfortable while doing a lingerie shoot, because I wasn’t feeling good at at al in my body and was in general very self-conscious. In that case, when you don’t have clothes on to “hide yourself” in them, it can be really hard to not feel vulnerable…

But all those feelings are behind me now, thanks to the right people surrounding me and some self reflection I had to undergo. I can say now that I love my body and feel comfortable in my skin, but of course I also like to know that I work with the best teams who will be able to represent me the way I like to be! So it was such a pleasure for me to be able to work with a brand that I knew would make me look at my best and with a photographer, Daniella Midenge, who knows how to capture sensuality as I like it.

Copy of LOOK17.jpeg
Copy of LOOK17_1.jpeg

My body isn’t always where I’d want it to be like most people, but it’s my body! Which is pretty cool because it’s healthy, allows me to travel, eat great food, workout, feel… And even if feminity is only one side of it all, and that you can express power and feminity in many different ways, I can say it really is amazing to feel free to express your sensuality without worrying about anything! I really love the pictures from that day and I feel thankful!


The Team:

Photographer: Daniella Midenge

Hair and Make-up: Casey Geren

Production: Jennifer Zuccarini

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Hello 2019



I haven’t written here for a while... I really enjoy making my very own articles and choosing everything from the pictures to the layout, but I’ve always been kind of a perfectionist, and so it wasn’t easy for me to learn how to write here while not having enough time to make it as perfect as I wished.

But in 2019, I don’t want to be an “all or nothing” kind of person anymore. I’ll always be a perfectionist in the sense that I like things to be well done, but I believe it is better to not feel discouraged by not doing things exactly like I wished and then do nothing instead… Something is always better than nothing in that case. So here I go again, writing on my little personal online space :)!

I want to share what my main focuses this year are, it’s not really a “New Year’s resolutions” article, because we’re already way past that haha, and also because I prefer to see it as engagements to myself instead of resolutions that everyone abandons after a few weeks. It’s ok to not do everything perfectly, as long as you go forward and that your personal goals get closer and closer.


If you know me, or have been following me online for a bit, you probably know that I’m pretty hypochondriac. I used to take it as a joke, because I felt my fears but knew my brain could handle to talk some sense into them... Until a few months ago where I felt that my anxiety due to hypochondria took way too much space in my life than I wanted to, almost giving me full panic attacks.

This is not something I want to take with me in 2019. I want to cherish my body and mind, cuddle them and take care of them, feeding them with good positive foods and thoughts. I started taking yoga classes again last year and realized how helpful it is to focus on something relaxing for an entire hour, and how this peaceful feeling followed me after. That’s one of my keys to fight anxiety, but I have others that I’ll develop with you in a future article.

If you have irrational worries too, know that it’s a way your anxiety found to express itself. Don’t ignore it, but don’t let yourself fall too far into it. Always remember to breath and most importantly, that you’re not alone.



I’ve always been a dreamer. And I’ll always will be because that’s my personality. Now that said, I noticed how things can evolve quickly when I actually push myself to work my lil’ ass off... And I owe it to myself to get out of my contemplating mode (which is mostly driven by fears of failing) and get to where I deserve to be. I have a new project I’m working on now, that I will also write you about very soon, and I feel like it’s the perfect timing in my life, when I finally know that fears shouldn’t be driving my life path.

Also, I want to remind myself to take every opportunity I can and make it into something positive, no matter what happens. EVERY TIME I did something I wanted to do that scared me, it ALWAYS resulted in something positive. So here’s some life lesson. Do the scary things.


No matter what happens, I want to remember how lucky I am. I have the best people surrounding me, ones that make my heart ache from love and happiness, ones that I can trust and talk to about my worries, hopes, serious and stupid matters... I live in a country I never dreamed of being able to live in for a long time, I get to travel and meet adorable, interesting people and call it a job. And so, SO MANY other things in my life that I am thankful for. I want to remember all that when I have moments of doubt because life is really an amazing experience.

Cheers, and talk soon ;)!


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Ocean Drive Magazine

ML_SHOT3_098-3 copy.jpg

        A few weeks ago I shot one of my favorite editorials in a long time in Miami, at the Standard Hotel. I love the strong stylism and simple hair and makeup that make the pictures powerful. I have to say I was really impressed by how much we shot in such a short time: usually it takes a while to shoot that many pictures and that day I could not only catch my flight that was around 8pm but also be early at the airport!! I felt blessed that I got to bathe in Chanel also haha, I kept asking "are you sure guys???" before entering in the pool. I am in love with the strong yet simple vibe of this story and I am so happy that it's out now and that I can show you everything! Enjoy :)

9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-1 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT6_005-3 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT5_010-2 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT5_105-2 copy.jpg
9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-3 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT8_001-2 copy.jpg
9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-5 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT9_081-2 copy.jpg

The Team

Photographer: Danny Cardozo

Stylist: Jacqueline Zenere

Make-up: Daniela Gozlan

Hair: Adrien Coelho

Production: Conor Mcintyre


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ML_SHOT1_152-3 copy.jpg

Punta Cana



        Every winter I say "next year, I go to a warm country and enjoy the beach when everyone else is freezing" lol. Yet last winter I spent a few days at a spa in France, which was nice but no dreamy beaches around, and the winter before I spent the New Year with friends in Amsterdam and again it was a lot of fun but I was freezing my ass! So this year was the year, I wanted to start 2018 in paradise.

I make a difference between "travel" and "vacation". I love traveling and discover cultures and places, but sometimes you need a vacation when you just enjoy and relax, so we decided on Punta Cana because it's a really short flight from NYC and the prices aren't as high as anywhere else. I have to admit that everything was great except the food that wasn't as fresh and good quality as we like... We've also had a cold that we brought from NYC, and we fed the cliché of those who only become sick during their holiday haha! But we came for the beautiful weather and the beach and that was enough to start the year in a positive way.




        One of the greatest pleasures from spending some time in the Caribbeans was to wear my favorite bikini by Solid and Striped. I love all their shapes and colors but this pastel striped one is the cutest swimsuit I've had in a while! I love the pictures from the empty beach and how happy I look lol!

One of my favorite thing to do during the day was read 1Q84 by Murakami in the Bali beds while the sun was high, so I could feel the heat without burning, hearing the relaxing water noise from both the beach waves and the pool.




        I also go to enjoy a few massages and treatments at the spa. I got a dead sea mud treatment before leaving to make my skin tone more even by nourishing it and exfoliating the dead cells. And look at the beauty of the facilities! I thing the pleasure of the eyes is important for relaxation, as well as the sounds surrounding you.




        I brought many shorts, tops and dresses but I think I wore this green wrap dress from Urban Outfitters because it's so comfortable when it's hot and it's so convenient to wear over your bathing suit. It's quite open on the front though so I'm not sure I'd wear it without a cute bra/shirt underneath.




        Everyone who knows me or just follows me on Instagram know I couldn't not own a red swimsuit! This one is from Fella Swim, I saw it on the gram and loved the shape of the top and couldn't resist buying it in one of my favorite colors. I also like to walk around with a sarong for when there's more wind and I feel colder or just when there more people and it makes me feel more comfortable. The beach bag is from Free People, one of my favorite brand! It's simple, just what you need for the beach.




Shop the looks

The Gucci glasses, the Fella Swim bathing suit and the sarong aren't available anymore so I give you very close options :)



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2018 Resolutions




        The new year period is a great time to look back at what I've actually done the past year and what I want to focus on the next one. I already explained how sensitive I am to "fresh starts" and I am really excited for 2018 as 2017 has been my best year so far (in my personal and professional life) and I know that if I focus on the right things, I will accomplish better things and live even more great experiences.




  • K E E P   M Y   M O T I V A T I O N   H I G H

        In 2017 I have been able to do a few things that scared me and start personal and work projects more easily than what I used to. But I have to admit that I haven't been really regular with my work, and I am aware that if I did so I would have done even more projects. This year I want to focus on keeping my motivation high and be as regular as I can with my plans EVERY DAY! That counts for work, personal projects and activities, fitness and health, ... I will create habits from the new year kick start!

  • T A L K   M O R E   O N   C A M E R A

        It may sound superficial that one of my key goal for 2018 includes social media, but it's a little more than that. I used to hate my voice (like many people it was nearly unbearable for me to listen to a record of my voice or watch a talking video of me), and in 2017 I finally had the guts to work on an interview on video thanks to some friends who asked me if I wanted to do it. I realized that my voice isn't that bad (I even had compliments about it haha) and more importantly, I actually loved talking on camera! Our voice is a great tool in a world where we show more and more videos over pictures and where people read less than before (sadly). It was also another step to help me build more confidence -something I have achieved more and more the past few years after realizing that you're not born confident and that you can earn it by proving to yourself that you can do things that scare you/make you feel uncomfortable. So you'll probably hear me talk in my insta stories (saying more or less interesting things but certainly having fun)!



  • S H O O T   V I D E O S

        This one is a bit connected with my last goal; I want to see what I can do if I start filming a few things that inspire me/amuse me/... and put it all together. Not sure yet if I will share it but it's a nice field to explore as I love doing video shoots in fashion. It allows you to express more than in a still image with the subtlety of movements.

  • T R A V E L   M O R E

        There are a few places that I want to go to but am a little scared to visit. You know what they say about the comfort zone and the magic happening... Since I am lucky enough to have the ability to travel for work, I want to explore the opportunity while I can and go to places that could make me feel uncomfortable but will teach me about other cultures, and I surely don't want to die without visiting them.

  • K E E P   C A L M

        After reading The Highly Sensitive Person (a book by Elaine Aron that I highly recommend if you feel often overwhelmed), I could finally put some words on that feeling of not being "normal" that was always sticking to me. I understood that I was more aroused by many situations because I am highly sensitive and there is nothing wrong with it: like everything, there is a positive and a negative side to it, and it certainly doesn't make me "weaker", on the contrary, because I am more likely to notice subtle things. That said, it's not an excuse to the fact that I sometimes "overreact" and feel angry/hurt during conversations about causes that are important to me. I want to become better at being gentle with people I can share with (I am not talking about the aggressive ones here) so I can have constructive conversations instead of frustrating arguments.


        What are your 2018 goals?


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Picture by Tyler Kandel


Last minute christmas gifts


        Every damn year I tell myself I should do all my Christmas shopping BEFORE December, yet every year I end up doing some last minute researches online because I've been procrastinating... Wether you're like me or if you're still shopping for friends or family you'll see after the holidays, here's a small gift guide that might help :)!



  • Match Stix Trio - Fenty Beauty - 54$ The beauty branch of Fenty was one of the biggest drops this year and everyone was excited about it, because 1 - It's by the only one, Rihanna, 2 - It's finally an inclusive beauty brand with its wide range of shades and 3 - It's actually good quality! I had the luck to try it a bit before it was out, and I can say my favorite of all their items are the match stix, by far. They're easy to use, have so many playful colors, and have magnets in is to keep them all together in your bag!
  • Kindle - 99,99 now For the one who loves to read but also loves to travel. There is nothing like the sensation of an actual book but they are so heavy that you can never travel with more than 3 each time. So Kindle is nice alternative for the ones like me who are often on a plane.
  • Midnight Repair Oil - Bogavia - 48$ There is a reason I still talk about Bogavia, it's the perfect mix between luxury and plant based skincare. I am actually trying new products from them and will review it soon, but here is one of their best product that you can make your best friend or your mom discover!


  • Mobile Lens Kit - Urban Outfitters - 34$ More and more people only use their phone as a camera, so it can be nice to explore different possibilities of pictures in a playful way.
  • Gift Subscription - Birchbox - 30$ for 3 month This gift is good if you're the laziest: you don't even have to pack the gift as it already comes as a cute box. Good point too as it's ok to be late for this one, they'll receive the January one as a late gift that makes them feel the magic of Christmas longer!
  • 2018 Planner - Mochithings - 26.95$ For the ones who love beautiful stationery and who like organization.
  • Hydrating Rubber Mask - Dr. Jart - 12$ The perfect gift for someone you don't know so well and who loves skincare. Everyone needs a little hydration and this 2 step rubber mask is cooler than your average sheet mask. I made a review of the other rubber masks here.
  • Naughty Nice Sweater - Wildfox - 108$ I fell in love with this sweater when I worked for Wildfox. Because it's soft, the message is fun and it's red (and #REDismycolor :P)!

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Picture by The Cobra Snake for Wildfox

4 plant-based places to eat in LA



        I talked about Backyard Bowls in my last post because it was my go-to place while I was staying in Santa Monica, but I wanted to add additional places where I enjoyed the food in LA. As I've been pretty busy (that explains also the lack of activity here), there may be "best-vegan-restaurants-in-LA" missing because these are the ones I got a chance to go to in between photo shoots and castings and they were all located close to my neighborhood, so don't hesitate to give me other names for next time.

        Also please note that except the first and last ones, the pictures in this article aren't from me because I didn't always take some when I ate at these places (whether it was because I was too busy enjoying the food and my friends' company or because the light wasn't good enough).


  • Cafe Gratitude - Venice

        I discovered this place thanks to my amazing roommate Samantha as she was mentioning to me her favorite places to order food in the neighborhood.  She warned me "it's VERY healthy" haha, as we both know that sometimes the places we like are too healthy for our friends.

The particularity about this place is that the waiters are asking you the question of the day that is about your dreams/happiness/feelings... -you don't have to answer- and each item on the menu has a positive affirmation (example "you are whole", "you are humble"). Some find it positive and warm, some find it cheesy. In that case, you can always order delivery ;)!

If you like "VERY healthy" food and a "yogi" atmosphere, this place is for you. My favorites are the Macro Bowl and their Beer-Battered Young Coconut (tastes exactly like fried calamari, I was shocked). I also loved their November Pumpkin pie! And for their drinks, my favorite was the Grace smoothie (coconut based and verrrry creamy).


Cafe Gratitude website (they have many different locations in LA)

Pictures from their Instagram:


  • Veggie Grill - Santa Monica

        This one is for all those who think vegan eaters = healthy eaters! We actually eat junk food too, and it can be super tasty! Veggie Grill is the best vegan junk food place that I've tried yet and I'm torn between wanting them to open a restaurant in NYC because it would be great or wishing they never do because I would put on 10kg right away (nothing bad with gaining weight if you're happy guys ;), just that my personal goal is to stay fit)! I love that they use Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat for their hamburgers and that they aren't too expensive at all!

My fave: the classic VG Beyond Burger!


Veggie Grill website (they also have many locations in LA)

Pictures from their Instagram:


  • True Food Kitchen - Santa Monica

        This one isn't an entire vegan place but they had such great quality vegetables that I had to put it here. It's great to go with people who eat differently (healthy/less healthy, plant-based/not plant-based) because they have a great option for everything! I loved their Charred Cauliflower and their Ancient Grains Bowl! My friend who isn't vegan had one of their pizza and loved it! I would definitely go back often as you really feel the quality of the ingredients.


True Food Kitchen website

Pictures from their Instagram:


  • Sage Bistro - Culver City

        Different people had messaged me about this restaurant but I only had one occasion to go with my friend Brian and l had a great experience.

I ordered the Bollywood Bowl (have you noticed I love bowls?) and there were so many different flavors, the quantity was perfect (aka very filling haha, it was served with flatbread too). I also had one of their smoothies (don't remember which one, just that there were dates in it) and it was also so satisfying. I wish I could have been several times to test everything on their menu but I'll have to wait next time I come to LA :).


Sage Bistro website

Pictures from their Instagram:


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Healthy Fast food: Backyard Bowls



       There is plenty of healthy plant based food in LA so I knew it would be a satisfying discovery for each meal coming here, but I was also sure that I'd go back to Backyard Bowls. I discovered it 2 years ago when I was staying for the first time in LA, and I would walk more than 1h back and forth just to go to their place in WeHo!! Haha, yes I like to walk, but I also love their food. Is it an extraordinary culinary experience? Probably not. But it is exactly the way I conceive food: healthy, abundant, plant based and simple but still with lots of flavors.

They have several locations and the pictures in this article are from their Santa Monica location which is the area I am staying.




       The Menu

       Is simple: smoothie bowls (acai, pitaya, green bowls), smoothies, porridge bowls, toasts and grain bowls. That's it. The bases of a plant-based diet. I told you I like to eat a "high carb low fat" kinda diet and I feel like that's what I can easily get without thinking about it too much at Backyard Bowls because the carbs are in the center of everything (and carbs are definitely life). And you have quantity on your plate (actually in your bowl) which is also one of my criteria when I go to a restaurant: how much food will I have on my plate?

The other thing I like is that when you eat in, you get a proper bowl, a proper spoon: no plastic and no waste. It's something I was missing when I tried to have acai bowls in New York. Maybe the next improvement would be to also give a proper cup for the water fountain but I know it's not always easy to organize it.

Finally, it's fast food: you order at the counter and wait for your food that you can eat in or take away. It's really nice to know that you have healthy and yummy options when you are in a hurry.


       What Do I personally order?

       I generally go for a large (yes large, and the portion is huge! but we know as plant-based eaters that we tend to eat a lot more in quantities, especially on HCLF) Island bowl, which is my favorite of their smoothie bowls: there is mango in it, which is one of my favorite fruits, and coconut milk! It's a simple tropical bowl and I love how they aren't cheap on the granola compared to other places! It's very hot in LA so I love how a smoothie bowl cools me from the inside.

I was also very curious to test their grain bowls because macro bowls are really my favourite way to eat, and I am always more attracted to savory meals than sweets. So I built my own: green rice, hummus, hot sauce, cauliflower + chickpeas, sweet potato puree, shaved carrot, avocado, shallots and pickled beets, sprouts, micro greens and toasted almonds. And it was delicious! Like, really delicious! I really felt like I am going to make efforts to cook the same way at home because it is accessible and it is a way to eat that I would like to share.


Santa Monica Neighborhood

Santa Monica Neighborhood


Backyard Bowls

Website. They have many locations so check if there's one close to you!


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image9 copy.jpeg

Bella Taiwan October 2017

fashion well-上傳02 copy.jpg


        I'm so happy to be in the October issue of Bella Taiwan and I am blessed, not only because I absolutely love our pictures, but also because it was a day full of laugh and love thanks to Alex, the producer and make-up artist, who organized everything. I love the feeling of these pictures, it's like a winter dream because of the clothes and the texture on the photographs but also the mood that's pretty relaxed but intense at the same time. I hope you'll love these as much as I do!


fashion well-上傳01 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.53.19.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.53.58.png
fashion well-上傳04 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.55.03.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.55.16.png
fashion well-上傳06 copy.jpg


The Team

Photographer: Yossi Michaeli

Stylist: Bronson Vajda

Make-up: Alex T

Hair: Gonn Kinoshita

Nails: Rie Yokoi


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fashion well-上傳05 copy.jpg

Vogue Taiwan August 2017


        I was so happy to see our work in Vogue Taiwan! It's only the 3rd time I post my work in here but already the second time you see the name Ruo Bing Li haha, I just love his work! He doesn't use much retouching, he has interesting angles, and always has this fresh final result that I really love as it's both sophisticated and natural looking.

        And that's what we can find in this story: you see the skin, and because of the angles it has an intimate atmosphere I find, but the makeup (by the sweet Liset Garza) is bold and colorful, not your usual go-to look! It says to break the rule, and I don't think anyone can wear a colorful round of color around their eye of course, but why not a colorful eyeliner (I wore blue here)? Why not a colored mascara? Or a mix of soft colors on your eyelid? That's what you can get inspired to do if you want to change from what you see every day. To avoid the too much effect, chose colors that go well together, make thin lines and use a classic place/shape (for example, do your colorful eyeliner on your top eyelid, not your bottom one), but most of all, have fun!!!



The team

Photographer: Ruo Bing Li

Makeup: Liset Garza

Hair: Junya Nakashima



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Elle Japan August 2017


        I decided to start posting my favorite modeling work in my Diary section as it is also a great inspiration on beauty, trends, and attitude I want to share. So today I'm sharing with you my new story for Elle Japan in their August issue because I loved the working girl story! It was too much fun to shoot in the streets of New York pretending I am taking a taxi to go to work in my cute Kate Spade outfit! Shooting outside is also a pleasure when people around are watching me and shout compliments, it feels good to have strangers sending me such good vibes!



The team

Photographer: Sarah Kehoe

Stylist: Annebet Duvall

Makeup: Hiro Yonemoto

Hair: Carmel Bianco

Director: Makiko Monji



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Da-Ie Jewelry


The day I worked for Da-Ie jewelry, I knew I would talk about it on The French Glow. The brand has everything I like in jewelry: it is feminine but some pieces are heavier and more complex like my favorite earrings from them, and it stays very simple while being different from what I see in jewelry. This mix between delicate, with the pearls and the curves and edgy with the piercing-like look and the multiple rings is what really pleased me in this collection.


Photos in this article are shot by Ruo Bing Li

Photos in this article are shot by Ruo Bing Li


This is not a sponsored article, I just wanted to share with you my crush for this brand designed by Danya Xie and the beautiful pictures that we shot for it with Ruo Bing Li. This shoot was styled by Yuiko Ikebata, Liset Garza is the make-up artist and Takayoshi Tsukisawa the hairdresser.




Shop the brand



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The Best Acai Bowl in Miami


One of my favorite food to have when it's hot is acaï bowl, but I sometimes get disappointed if it's not good enough compared to the few great ones I had traveling. So as I came to Miami for a few days, I wanted to check out the best Acai Bowl places in town and make my own review so I know where to come back next time. Overall I didn't have a bad experience in any of the places, but some were really standing out for my taste.


4. Lilikoi organic living


This place is a mix between modern and cute with loads of white and pop colors mixed with old-looking wood. They have a lot of indoor and outdoor seating which is nice when you want to eat there as in some places you can't find a seat once your food is ready. I love the fact that they choose local and organic ingredients for their menu and that they don't add unnecessary ingredients like sugar. The food isn't tasting extraordinary but it's nice, healthy and they have many choices and vegan and gluten free options. The downside is that it's a little pricey.

About the acai bowl: it was good, healthy and satisfying. All what you expect from an acai bowl, with refreshing fruits on top. I liked that the granola was homemade and had mainly toasted oats which makes it lighter on the stomach.



500 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139





Dirt has a very modern atmosphere, a bit like an LA juice bar. They have a nice breakfast and lunch menu and they focus on the quality of the ingredients, the farm-to-counter and "clean eating" so they have a lot of simple but tasty dishes, and they have plenty of vegan, paleo and also gluten free options depending what you eat like. Their bread is pretty good (and it's a french saying that!)

About the acai bowl: a bit sweeter than the other places as they mix it with mango and 1/2 a bulletproof ball, and they add less fresh fruits on top so it felt more like a yummy dessert than a breakfast. Their granola was the best because it had chunks of chocolate which added to the dessert-like side. if you have a sweet tooth but you want to make the healthy choice, this is your place!



232 5th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139


2. Pura Vida



To be honest, when going to Pura Vida I was expecting something that would be good but not amazing, thinking it would be just "another juice bar" with a few simple OK meals. I was happily surprised by the quality of the food (I tested two other things on the menu with my acai bowl) as their hummus is homemade, the food is fresh and tasty, and I also liked their portion sizes that are big enough to satisfy you. Not everything is vegan in the menu, but there are plenty of options, such as salads, grain bowls and wraps.

About the acai bowl: I loved the taste that wasn't too sweet so it felt refreshing, especially good when the weather is hot. It has more fresh fruits on top than the other places and also mangoes instead of just strawberries and bananas, which I like for the same reason: I feel it more refreshing to have more fresh fruits than sugary granola (even if I LOVE granola!). The granola is simple and nice, and they also have nice coconut shaving. It was overall very very satisfying and refreshing.



110 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139


1. Under The Mango tree



This place is my favorite! It feels like a hidden gem as it's a very small shop, with a small sign and you don't expect to find what is behind the door: a very cute place, decorated more simply and less modern than all the other places. It feels more authentic. They are acai/smoothies/juices oriented but have a few other things on their menu. But I would come here only for the delicious juices (I had a mango juice that was so refreshing I though they mixed some melon in it, but nope) and the bowls, because sometimes it's all you need.

About the acai bowl: of course it's my favorite one out of the 4 places I tested. I went 2 times and tested the classic acai bowl and the superfood acai bowl. The acai tastes more like cold acai puree than "ice cream" and you feel that it was made with very riped bananas, which I found so comforting as I love this satisfying texture. It's the perfect guilt free treat to me, naturally sugary and comforting but healthy. The granola wasn't my favorite one but I liked it and the bananas are ripe like I like them! I loved the superfood one because the few goji berries felt sticky under the tooth, like a candy. It's not 100% plant based as there is honey but you can ask without it if you want.



714 6th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Food in Paris - Sol Semilla


When it comes to testing new restaurants, it's always hard for me to just do a search and read the ratings on the internet, because often it doesn't correspond to what I will actually like. I prefer to have a friend's recommendation since they know my taste better and I know from their own taste if what they like will also please me. Thankfully I have a great roommate in Paris who shares my love for healthy food, and she is the one who told me about Sol Semilla. This restaurant is not only entirely vegan but also organic and focuses on superfood from Amazonia, where the chef is from. The concept is simple, there are a few choices on the menu; soups and raw plates, but the most popular and great to discover this cuisine is the daily plate, changed every day and cooked with local and in season ingredients.

The plate has everything you need to be healthy: raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, grains, and legumes. But the way it is cooked and the different textures are beyond satisfying! I was really amazed by how much flavor every bite had, very sophisticated and comforting at the same time. Eating at Sol Semilla made me want to learn how to cook better to be able to share these flavors. Their desserts are great if you don't like too sweet foods and are sensitive to subtle flavors. Some of them reminded me of baby food (in a good way!), but I didn't test the cakes yet. I also tried 2 of their drinks as I went there 2 times, a plant-based milk with herbs which was subtly sweet, and one with raw cacao and chili, which was both boosting and comforting.


The restaurant becomes quickly very busy as it is pretty popular, but the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere of the place is really pleasant and cosy (there even is a cat !) so I didn't mind to wait a little more in between the main course and the dessert. To be honest, I don't think Sol Semilla is the best place to bring someone who isn't used to eat healthy and plant based as it really pushes down that way, but for all those who already walk this path it definitely is a place to go. I will go back for sure, glad to add it to my favorite restaurants list. The address is 23 rue des Vinaigriers in the 10th arrondissement, super close to the Canal St Martin.

New Year's Resolutions

Photography by Anne Menke for The Untitled Magazine

Photography by Anne Menke for The Untitled Magazine

You can make new goals and stick to them the whole year, but like some people the first day of the year feels special to me. It's like a fresh start when you can apply everything you learned from the past year and make the right choices for the next one. I wanted to share my personal 2017's resolutions here because it's a way to make sure I'll stick to it.

My goals for 2017 :

  • Focus more. Since I'm a child I've been a daydreamer, often lost in my thoughts. My troubles to focus on one precise thing makes it sometimes hard for me to reach my goals as fast as I'd like. But the few times I could really focus on a specific task I could do it the way I wanted, well and a lot quicker. As I have many exciting plans for 2017, I want to put everything in my power to be better at focusing on them.
  • Be more organized. This is a logical following: in order to focus more, I want to spend less time procrastinating and not knowing what comes next in my schedule. I also simply enjoy being methodical but I am being a bit too lazy about it. I want to do more and think less (it's all about balance), and being organized is a step toward it.
  • Read more. I used to read a lot as a teenager, but since I started traveling I slowly stopped. Since then I left many interesting books unfinished. Books are a great way to get lost in a story or learn from people who had the same struggles as you have and grow from it.
  • Learn German. I love languages and I admire people who can speak many of them. I've been trying on and off with German for the past few years, focusing on it for a few month and see results, and then leave it and forget. Right now, my way to be regular is to use the app Duolingo as you only need your phone to "study", but I want to step forward and be more serious and watch movies in German more often, and I hope to make good progress really soon.

These are my most important resolutions. I have other goals that I'll share with you later, and I also plan to be more present on The French Glow as I had troubles to be regular while traveling for work. Stay tuned !

What are your goals for 2017 ?

Last minute christmas gifts


There's a chance that you're like me - waiting for the last minute panic to buy your Christmas gifts - or that you still need gift ideas for your friends and family members you will only see after the 25th. In both case you can still rush to Sephora or order online to get these gifts asap !



Bite Beauty - Best Bite redux - 25$

Because of the shape of the pen, these lipsticks are so easy to apply and the shades in the set are wearable yet trendy, beautiful and with a great creamy texture.

Justine Clenquet - Tattoo Choker - 92€

Even if everyone has already a choker, I think this one makes a difference. I love Justine Clenquet's punkish chic brand and she also sells on Opening Ceremony to get it easier outside of France.

Nest - Grapefruit Classic Candle - 40$

I hate grapefruits but love this candle smell which is just fresh and comforting. What I like with Nest Candles, is that the smell is pretty strong, which allows you to make it last longer as you don't need to light it for such a long time.

Drunk Elephant - Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil - 72$

Knowing all the good reviews on the brand, you can't go wrong with that gift ! It is the kind of gift I would offer to my mom as she loves luxury skincare products and Marula Oil is one of the key ingredient/product from the line.

Bkr - Winter Star 500mL bottle - 35$

If you carry it all day in you bag, it might as well be cute. A nice bottle to treat a healthy friend who cares about staying hydrated with style.

Dior - Sauvage 60mL - 72$

Sometimes a classic gift is the best move. One of the best sellers in male fragrances, this sexy and masculine scent is always great for a no fail gift.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light - 80$

What I like with this palette is that it's almost as much of a decoration item than a beauty gift. The colors are not too strong so it's perfect for subtle contouring and the marble looking case is ridiculously beautiful !

MochiThings - Passport Case - 12.95$

Perfect for the traveler. It's simple and chic, but you can choose brighter colors for more fun. The brand also has a luggage tag with the same design if you want to make it a more complete gift.

Obsession : Justine Clenquet


I wasn't the kind of person who would wear jewelry often : I always forgot to put it on before leaving in the morning. Yet, I really wanted to find the perfect piece which would give at the same time a feminine and a punkish vibe. When I saw the Justine Clenquet earrings on my friend Eléonor, I started becoming obsessed with this brand. Made in France and by Justine herself, it has this exact mix I was talking about : a classic touch and a more modern rock'n'roll one, which goes very well together. This choker in particular was all that I was asking for. The good news is Justine Clenquet started to sell at Opening Ceremony.