Da-Ie Jewelry


The day I worked for Da-Ie jewelry, I knew I would talk about it on The French Glow. The brand has everything I like in jewelry: it is feminine but some pieces are heavier and more complex like my favorite earrings from them, and it stays very simple while being different from what I see in jewelry. This mix between delicate, with the pearls and the curves and edgy with the piercing-like look and the multiple rings is what really pleased me in this collection.


Photos in this article are shot by Ruo Bing Li

Photos in this article are shot by Ruo Bing Li


This is not a sponsored article, I just wanted to share with you my crush for this brand designed by Danya Xie and the beautiful pictures that we shot for it with Ruo Bing Li. This shoot was styled by Yuiko Ikebata, Liset Garza is the make-up artist and Takayoshi Tsukisawa the hairdresser.




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Obsession : Justine Clenquet


I wasn't the kind of person who would wear jewelry often : I always forgot to put it on before leaving in the morning. Yet, I really wanted to find the perfect piece which would give at the same time a feminine and a punkish vibe. When I saw the Justine Clenquet earrings on my friend Eléonor, I started becoming obsessed with this brand. Made in France and by Justine herself, it has this exact mix I was talking about : a classic touch and a more modern rock'n'roll one, which goes very well together. This choker in particular was all that I was asking for. The good news is Justine Clenquet started to sell at Opening Ceremony.