Fleur du Mal


One of my favorite shoot from 2018 was with Fleur du Mal. A few years ago, it would have been impossible for me to feel comfortable while doing a lingerie shoot, because I wasn’t feeling good at at al in my body and was in general very self-conscious. In that case, when you don’t have clothes on to “hide yourself” in them, it can be really hard to not feel vulnerable…

But all those feelings are behind me now, thanks to the right people surrounding me and some self reflection I had to undergo. I can say now that I love my body and feel comfortable in my skin, but of course I also like to know that I work with the best teams who will be able to represent me the way I like to be! So it was such a pleasure for me to be able to work with a brand that I knew would make me look at my best and with a photographer, Daniella Midenge, who knows how to capture sensuality as I like it.

Copy of LOOK17.jpeg
Copy of LOOK17_1.jpeg

My body isn’t always where I’d want it to be like most people, but it’s my body! Which is pretty cool because it’s healthy, allows me to travel, eat great food, workout, feel… And even if feminity is only one side of it all, and that you can express power and feminity in many different ways, I can say it really is amazing to feel free to express your sensuality without worrying about anything! I really love the pictures from that day and I feel thankful!


The Team:

Photographer: Daniella Midenge

Hair and Make-up: Casey Geren

Production: Jennifer Zuccarini

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Ocean Drive Magazine

ML_SHOT3_098-3 copy.jpg

        A few weeks ago I shot one of my favorite editorials in a long time in Miami, at the Standard Hotel. I love the strong stylism and simple hair and makeup that make the pictures powerful. I have to say I was really impressed by how much we shot in such a short time: usually it takes a while to shoot that many pictures and that day I could not only catch my flight that was around 8pm but also be early at the airport!! I felt blessed that I got to bathe in Chanel also haha, I kept asking "are you sure guys???" before entering in the pool. I am in love with the strong yet simple vibe of this story and I am so happy that it's out now and that I can show you everything! Enjoy :)

9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-1 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT6_005-3 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT5_010-2 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT5_105-2 copy.jpg
9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-3 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT8_001-2 copy.jpg
9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-5 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT9_081-2 copy.jpg

The Team

Photographer: Danny Cardozo

Stylist: Jacqueline Zenere

Make-up: Daniela Gozlan

Hair: Adrien Coelho

Production: Conor Mcintyre


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ML_SHOT1_152-3 copy.jpg

Bella Taiwan October 2017

fashion well-上傳02 copy.jpg


        I'm so happy to be in the October issue of Bella Taiwan and I am blessed, not only because I absolutely love our pictures, but also because it was a day full of laugh and love thanks to Alex, the producer and make-up artist, who organized everything. I love the feeling of these pictures, it's like a winter dream because of the clothes and the texture on the photographs but also the mood that's pretty relaxed but intense at the same time. I hope you'll love these as much as I do!


fashion well-上傳01 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.53.19.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.53.58.png
fashion well-上傳04 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.55.03.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.55.16.png
fashion well-上傳06 copy.jpg


The Team

Photographer: Yossi Michaeli

Stylist: Bronson Vajda

Make-up: Alex T

Hair: Gonn Kinoshita

Nails: Rie Yokoi


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fashion well-上傳05 copy.jpg

Vogue Taiwan August 2017


        I was so happy to see our work in Vogue Taiwan! It's only the 3rd time I post my work in here but already the second time you see the name Ruo Bing Li haha, I just love his work! He doesn't use much retouching, he has interesting angles, and always has this fresh final result that I really love as it's both sophisticated and natural looking.

        And that's what we can find in this story: you see the skin, and because of the angles it has an intimate atmosphere I find, but the makeup (by the sweet Liset Garza) is bold and colorful, not your usual go-to look! It says to break the rule, and I don't think anyone can wear a colorful round of color around their eye of course, but why not a colorful eyeliner (I wore blue here)? Why not a colored mascara? Or a mix of soft colors on your eyelid? That's what you can get inspired to do if you want to change from what you see every day. To avoid the too much effect, chose colors that go well together, make thin lines and use a classic place/shape (for example, do your colorful eyeliner on your top eyelid, not your bottom one), but most of all, have fun!!!



The team

Photographer: Ruo Bing Li

Makeup: Liset Garza

Hair: Junya Nakashima



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Elle Japan August 2017


        I decided to start posting my favorite modeling work in my Diary section as it is also a great inspiration on beauty, trends, and attitude I want to share. So today I'm sharing with you my new story for Elle Japan in their August issue because I loved the working girl story! It was too much fun to shoot in the streets of New York pretending I am taking a taxi to go to work in my cute Kate Spade outfit! Shooting outside is also a pleasure when people around are watching me and shout compliments, it feels good to have strangers sending me such good vibes!



The team

Photographer: Sarah Kehoe

Stylist: Annebet Duvall

Makeup: Hiro Yonemoto

Hair: Carmel Bianco

Director: Makiko Monji



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Da-Ie Jewelry


The day I worked for Da-Ie jewelry, I knew I would talk about it on The French Glow. The brand has everything I like in jewelry: it is feminine but some pieces are heavier and more complex like my favorite earrings from them, and it stays very simple while being different from what I see in jewelry. This mix between delicate, with the pearls and the curves and edgy with the piercing-like look and the multiple rings is what really pleased me in this collection.


Photos in this article are shot by Ruo Bing Li

Photos in this article are shot by Ruo Bing Li


This is not a sponsored article, I just wanted to share with you my crush for this brand designed by Danya Xie and the beautiful pictures that we shot for it with Ruo Bing Li. This shoot was styled by Yuiko Ikebata, Liset Garza is the make-up artist and Takayoshi Tsukisawa the hairdresser.




Shop the brand


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