It's almost the end of summer. I've never liked that period as a kid because that meant going back to school which stressed me out. But I grew up appreciating it a whole lot more, especially living in New York because it's the period when the heat becomes bearable. It's warm but not too hot, so you can still wear cute dresses without ruining them in sweat!


        Talking about cute dresses, I have a good friend who is also a great designer, Danica Zheng, and when I saw on her brand's Instagram, Pamplemousse NY, the new version of her "Mimosa" dress. I just couldn't resist the cheetah print and asked her if I could try it on asap to see if it fit me. There's also a black version of it, but I found the white one to be slightly more original than the classic cheetah look. I also thought the color looked good with my hair ;)! Anyway, I fell in love with that cute dress and brought it home and felt inspired for a quick shoot in a botanical garden to celebrate the end of summer with fun.


        I accessorized it with the cutest bag from Maison Héroine! I love it because it's big enough to hold my kindle which is the best to keep busy during the wait at the airport, castings and when I enjoy a coffee alone. To protect my head from getting too much sun I wore an old hat found in my closet and my classic Dita Eyewear sunnies obviously! I also have these boots from Isabel Marant which I always wanted the color to be a bit darker until today because I thought all the colors were working well together.


I loved walking around this botanical garden as we were lucky it wasn't crowded, so we could enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the sound of water in a calm atmosphere in between shots.

And when it got a bit chilly I wore this super large cardigan from & Other Stories that I got a few years ago. I love the long sleeves and how heavy it is because it makes everything more cosy and chill.


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The shoes aren't available in exactly the same model because it was a past collection and the cardigan isn't available anymore so I give you a different option


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Ocean Drive Magazine

ML_SHOT3_098-3 copy.jpg

        A few weeks ago I shot one of my favorite editorials in a long time in Miami, at the Standard Hotel. I love the strong stylism and simple hair and makeup that make the pictures powerful. I have to say I was really impressed by how much we shot in such a short time: usually it takes a while to shoot that many pictures and that day I could not only catch my flight that was around 8pm but also be early at the airport!! I felt blessed that I got to bathe in Chanel also haha, I kept asking "are you sure guys???" before entering in the pool. I am in love with the strong yet simple vibe of this story and I am so happy that it's out now and that I can show you everything! Enjoy :)

9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-1 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT6_005-3 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT5_010-2 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT5_105-2 copy.jpg
9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-3 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT8_001-2 copy.jpg
9FN_Fashion-Shopping_ODRV-5 copy.jpg
ML_SHOT9_081-2 copy.jpg

The Team

Photographer: Danny Cardozo

Stylist: Jacqueline Zenere

Make-up: Daniela Gozlan

Hair: Adrien Coelho

Production: Conor Mcintyre


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ML_SHOT1_152-3 copy.jpg

Bella Taiwan October 2017

fashion well-上傳02 copy.jpg


        I'm so happy to be in the October issue of Bella Taiwan and I am blessed, not only because I absolutely love our pictures, but also because it was a day full of laugh and love thanks to Alex, the producer and make-up artist, who organized everything. I love the feeling of these pictures, it's like a winter dream because of the clothes and the texture on the photographs but also the mood that's pretty relaxed but intense at the same time. I hope you'll love these as much as I do!


fashion well-上傳01 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.53.19.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.53.58.png
fashion well-上傳04 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.55.03.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.55.16.png
fashion well-上傳06 copy.jpg


The Team

Photographer: Yossi Michaeli

Stylist: Bronson Vajda

Make-up: Alex T

Hair: Gonn Kinoshita

Nails: Rie Yokoi


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fashion well-上傳05 copy.jpg

Retro summer look



        It's quite funny, I don't recall wearing a skirt outside of my job for the past 2 years, at least! But now that I am playing with shapes and colors and it's starting to boil in New York (95°F today)... Well, I felt like wearing a skirt for the first time in a while! I went to Hudson River to take the pictures, and when the weather is that hot it's pretty refreshing to feel the strong wind.




        Because of the red stripes of this Zara skirt, I felt like keeping the look simple with just a tee and heels and not too many strong colors. I liked the retro look this combination gave with the green Manolo Blahnik pumps and this cute Snoopy t-shirt from Free People. The jumper is Vanessa Seward, I didn't need it outside at all but you should always have a jumper with you during the summer in the US because the air conditioning is so strong everywhere lol. The bag is vintage and I love the design on it, it's both simple in the colors and material and sophisticated with the sewing. I hope you enjoy the beautiful days as much as I do (and wear skirts)!




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The shoes are Manolo Blahnik and the bag and the ring are Vintage so I give you similar options :)



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It's summer time in New York!


        It has been pretty hot in New York last week and I swear even if I am french, I won't complain about it! I love summer and the feeling of the sun on my skin (wearing sunscreen!) and the fact that everything has a different atmosphere: even when you're working it feels almost like holiday and summer plans are very close. That said, extreme temperatures - very cold or very hot - can be a struggle when it comes to what to wear. When it's winter you have to wear as many layers as possible and vice versa for summer. So how to still be stylish in that case?




        I fell in love with this Kaftan by Free People because it's a way to bring some beach vibes in the city and it's so colorful! A good way to wear shorts and a tank top without feeling bored, and it flies in the wind to create a dramatic scene haha! Add sandals and a colorful belt and voilà, ready for an iced coffee on terrace. Summer is easy, you just have to enjoy and remember to stay hydrated ;).



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Again, the sandals are Jimmy Choo and the earrings aren't available anymore so I give you similar options :)



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Mon amie TriBeCa, NY


This is my first post in a while, I am sorry about that. 2017 has been really good to me so far but after my trip to Paris, I had a lot to do and organize as I moved to a different place in NYC and focused first on new experiences for me. I also wanted to think more about the direction I want for The French Glow since I wanted it to represent more who I am and be more personal while continuing with the beauty and wellness direction. But here I am, back and excited to share more with you guys! I also started collaborating with photographers to shoot lifestyle pictures around the world, so contact me (bottom of the website) if you are interested!



Spring is finally settling in NYC as we started to get jealous of the West Coast and Europe for their great weather. Warmer weather means brighter colors and lighter materials: you can now dress how you like it and not anymore just to try to survive from the cold! It also means festival season and the need to feel comfortable before anything but still look good.

I had a crush on this sweater from Topshop: the pink is beyond cute and perfect for me as I used to wear all black all the time. I still love black as it is très chic, but bright colors give me more positive energy and I also find that colors give you a more personalized look. And this sweater has "Je suis heureux" written on the back which means "I am happy" in french, and it's exactly how I feel at the moment! I like that the white jeans make the color pop more than with black or blue jeans, and they're stretch and high waisted which is to me the most comfortable for jeans. Madewell is actually my new go-to for denim: they're all comfy and there is so much choice available.

The parka is very practical as well: it's not too heavy but blocks the wind, and I love the oversized look and also that the material is not stiff which makes it easier to wear. It's a little bit expensive but when I saw it at Zara I couldn't resist! And for the shoes, I love the look of my new Nike Lunarepic but more than that, they feel like sleepers as they are so light weight! The best when you need to be on your feet for hours at festivals like Coachella. The purple color is already sold out which makes me so happy that I didn't wait as much as I usually do to buy shoes.

I wanted simple accessories for this light look so you don't need to think about losing anything; a thin choker from Are You Am I and earrings from a small boutique in Soho, as my taste for jewelry is a mix of chic, simple and more rock. The belt is vintage and the classic Ray-Bans are never getting old. My Balenciaga is my favorite bag at the moment: I bring it everywhere and I'm in love with it as it's big enough to fit all your necessary items and has this slightly cracked leather that gives so much character to it, again a classic that will never die.




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Shoes and earring are similar but not the exact item. Sorry, they're the closest I could find :(


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