Jazz Club by Replica

I have friends who love to have a few perfumes and change every day or even wear several ones at the same time. I am the kind of person who would like to have a scent that would make people remember it and associate it with me. Waiting to have a very personalized one later, I am changing every few months/years to find what I like best and educate my taste.

This time it has been Jazz Club from Martin Margiela's Replica collection. It is actually a male fragrance, and I can say after the boyfriend jeans that this is the boyfriend perfume. I like the idea of wearing a stronger fragrance than what I used to have. Some would say it is a night fragrance as the scent is pretty dense, and I hesitated about getting a different one from this collection that was lighter. It is kind of sweet but not fruity, like a glass of rum. The sweet smell tends to slowly disappear and it leaves only a smoky leather one that I find pretty sexy. I only spray it once as I feel it would be too intense otherwise, and I like its longevity. I've always felt that my skin doesn't really keep a scent for a long time, so I generally spray it on my clothes, and I like that they still have the fragrance in a subtle way when I put them back in the closet at the end of the day.