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          Sometimes the best way to discover great products is through samples. That's what happened to me with Living Proof. I got the Full Dry Volume Blast on Birchbox and actually didn't use it at first because I had other sprays and dry shampoos to try. One morning I was searching in my sample box for a volume/texturizing spray because my hair was too clean therefore completely flat (hello fine hair!)... I got my hand on this one and was so satisfied 5mn later! Better than dry shampoo to create texture and this fake-dirty look. You don't need to use a lot and it's easy to use. For the Perfect Hair Day - Night Cap (the name says a lot) it was after purchasing a few products that I got the sample. I didn't really know what to expect from this overnight perfector: will it destroy my pillow cases? Will it be too heavy for my fine hair? How much do you use? So. Many. Questions. And it's actually super simple too: you don't need to put so much but apply it from roots to ends and comb it - the first time I used a lot because my hair was kinda destroyed after a job, but since you don't have to wash it the next day I'd say to not use too much and then adjust to the result you want the next time depending on what result you had the first time. It absorbs quickly so it's safe for the pillow and I was beyond satisfied the next day when I had healthy looking hair and a nice texture. It's like a styling overnight mask. These both products aren't samples for me anymore as I purchased them quickly after finishing the samples. I highly recommend them, especially if you, have fine, texture-less hair.



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