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          Sometimes the best way to discover great products is through samples. That's what happened to me with Living Proof. I got the Full Dry Volume Blast on Birchbox and actually didn't use it at first because I had other sprays and dry shampoos to try. One morning I was searching in my sample box for a volume/texturizing spray because my hair was too clean therefore completely flat (hello fine hair!)... I got my hand on this one and was so satisfied 5mn later! Better than dry shampoo to create texture and this fake-dirty look. You don't need to use a lot and it's easy to use. For the Perfect Hair Day - Night Cap (the name says a lot) it was after purchasing a few products that I got the sample. I didn't really know what to expect from this overnight perfector: will it destroy my pillow cases? Will it be too heavy for my fine hair? How much do you use? So. Many. Questions. And it's actually super simple too: you don't need to put so much but apply it from roots to ends and comb it - the first time I used a lot because my hair was kinda destroyed after a job, but since you don't have to wash it the next day I'd say to not use too much and then adjust to the result you want the next time depending on what result you had the first time. It absorbs quickly so it's safe for the pillow and I was beyond satisfied the next day when I had healthy looking hair and a nice texture. It's like a styling overnight mask. These both products aren't samples for me anymore as I purchased them quickly after finishing the samples. I highly recommend them, especially if you, have fine, texture-less hair.



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Davines Replumping Line

The ones with fine hair like me know the struggle when you wonder whether you have to wash it or not. Because if you don't, it will look flat and sad but if you do, it will be breaking and dry. I try to push the day I wash my hair to its maximum to try and protect it with the "low-poo" method (use no shampoo or very gentle versions), but in the end I am a model and hairdressers often use (many) products on my hair and I had to find a solution for healthy but clean hair.

I found the Replumping shampoo and conditioner by Davines on Birchbox, as I was searching for a thin hair solution. As I already had the chance to try - and love - the brand, I ordered it right away wondering if it would be just another failure to find the perfect shampoo or a win decision. As you guessed it, if I am talking about it here it's because I am beyond satisfied ! It doesn't really give more volume so to speak, but the hair does feel completely healthy and sleek, a feeling I actually haven't had for a while, it looks very smooth and shiny.

There's no special way to use it, except that usually with hair conditioner I only apply it on the length of the hair, but with these I also massage the base of the hair to protect the whole thing. Of course, you'll need more styling products to achieve a desired volume, but it's important to have a healthy base before trying to style it.


I also love the design of the shampoo bottle which is simple but different from what we see everyday.

I also love the design of the shampoo bottle which is simple but different from what we see everyday.

Summer Beauty

It feels like it's boiling in New York right now, and I'm more than fine with it after complaining for too long that the weather wasn't warm enough ! It's the time for acai bowls, iced coffees and days at the beach, and I love how all that sounds. But it's also the time when you sweat, feel sticky and have to be more careful about the sun, and because of that, I do have a different beauty routine compared to other seasons.

During winter I want thick creams that will protect my skin from damages because of the cold, and on the contrary when it's hot to the point my face is sweaty during the day I need to have some products that help refreshing while keeping the hydration. Instead of having a rich cream applied every morning, I will sometimes do touch ups with my sunscreen and a thinner day cream because the sweat washes off the products. I'll also use primers and lotions more often to stop the sticky feeling.

How to chose your Sunscreen

Your choice of sunscreen is very important, even when you have a natural dark skin, because it's not just that your skin will look older if you get burnt, but so many people neglect the serious health damages that sun can cause ! So remember : protect the skin you're in !!

To make it simple here are a few quick things to know when it comes to sunscreen : yes, you will tan even with a sunscreen, you will simply avoid the burnt stage, and do not overestimate your skin and take a too low SPF because you want to tan quicker : you have only one skin. I used to buy lower SPF, mostly because I was in areas when the sun is less aggressive (I spent summers in the north of France and London) but also because I was caring a little less about it, and my skin doesn't burn too easily (it does, but I also tan pretty well) so I thought I needed less protection. I started being careful when I became a model because I had to be sure I wouldn't damage my skin. That's when I realized that even with a SPF50+ you still tan. So in case you would not want to tan or if your skin is really, really fragile, don't forget to wear a hat too ! Also, if you want to use a lower SPF, know that the best is to use a higher one at the beginning of the summer, and when your skin is more tanned, then you can allow yourself to chose a slightly weaker protection.

  • Bioderma - Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF50+ - 11€ This sunscreen is what I use this summer on my face. I bought it because I was in France (as simple as that) at a pharmacy, because everyone knows french pharmacies have the best skin care products (well at least now you know). I love the super fluid texture and it doesn't show that you have sunscreen on, which is cool because I use it almost everyday when I'm in a city. My first criteria to chose my face sunscreen was that wouldn't give me pimples, as I used to have this problem and this sunscreen is especially non-comedogenic.
  • Kiehl's - Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ - 38$ This one was my sunscreen last summer. I chose it because I was asking all my model friends what sunscreen they liked, which doesn't show and doesn't give you spots. Kiehl's was the most common answer. As the name let you guess, the texture is super fluid as well which is great when you don't want to feel all greasy for your day in the sun. Enjoy !
  • Supergoop - Defense Refresh Setting mist SPF 50 - 28$ Because if you like to wear a little more make up than I do, it may be a lot more convenient for you to buy an over-the-makeup sunscreen instead of applying your sunscreen first, especially if you do touch ups during the day. Supergoop is both a sunscreen and a make-up setting, how can you beat that ?

Summer Beauty Favorites

  • Bogavia - Essential Facial Toner - 16$ You know I love Bogavia. This toner is not an exception and I think it's perfect to prepare the skin before your moisturizer, refresh your skin through a hot day, and to heal irritated skin in the evening, after spending your day applying sunscreen again and again. It contains Aloe Vera which is known to be a natural healing product. What I like most in this toner is that even if it wets the skin it stills hydrates it, which is very important if you use it during the day, and the skin tone looks more even and healthy.
  • Ouai - Hair Oil - 28$ If you plan to spend days at the beach, you know how it feels to have broken hair because of the salty water : I can't even brush it because I am so scared to lose everything. The only thing that helps me with that is to apply some oil in my hair to create a fence between the salty water and the hair and then you can style it with braids or a bun or whatever you prefer to keep it together. Ouai Hair Oil smells so good I also use it everyday to style my hair.
  • Klorane - Sothing and Relaxing Patches - 24$ I personally have one problem that occurs mostly during very cold winters and very hot summers : puffy morning face. It's mostly because of the dry air that the heaters and air conditioning creates (and yes I plan to invest in a very good quality air-humidifier because my current one doesn't work). I love Klorane patches because they're very easy to use and gentle, and they work well.

Body Tips

There are a few things that make life easier during the summer. Try to avoid silly mistakes.

  • It's best to avoid wearing perfume before going out in the sun. The alcohol it contains can make the sun effects way stronger on the area where you sprayed perfume. It can result in having differences in skin color where you sprayed your perfume. Not fun. So it's better to reserve your perfume for the evenings, or to spray it on your clothes.
  • Sometimes when it's way too hot, your legs can hurt. Walking helps blood circulation a lot because it doesn't create shocks in your legs like when you run but it helps to pump up the blood. Of course if there is a heat wave, do not walk too much and don't forget to drink enough water !! Putting your legs up and cold showers are great advices as well to enhance the blood flow.
  • It's a no brainer but don't shave/wax right before sun exposure. It's the best way to irritate your skin, and end up being alone in the shadow while your friends are having fun without you.
  • Same if you scrub your skin. And remember to protect your skin from the sun even more after scrubbing, because you are exposing a new, fresh skin to the sun, which isn't tanned yet. This is also true after a facial scrub obviously.