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Dr. Jart - Trans-Foam Clay


As I told you I am in a Dr. Jart marathon beauty-wise at the moment: I said I'd test the products they sent me and would tell you about my favorites, so here I am writing about a unique type of clay mask: the dermaclear trans-foam clay by Dr. Jart. I always found clay masks to be a bit drying for my skin (even different types of clay) but I found these to be different than the typical clay mask. They are both clay masks that you leave on for 3-5 minutes and foam cleansers when you rinse it off. They come in 3 colors that correspond to different types of skins and effects.



The difference with classic clay masks

One of the main difference for me is that they are super easy to clean as they transform into foaming cleanser with warm water. Another difference as I said above is that they are less drying for the skin in my opinion and they dry faster (3-5mn against 10mn). You still need to moisturize after of course but I feel like they are more comfortable. In the end, they save some time and it allows you to add a mask to your morning routine without being afraid to be late.


Moisturizing Pink

This one is my favorite because I have a normal to dry skin, not oily at all and this is the one that is the most hydrating of the 3 masks thanks to the lotus flower extract. Even if it says moisturizing you need to hydrate your skin after, but the skin is more soft and plumped than with the others.

Calming White

This one is for sensitive skin. It contains chamomile flower extract which is meant to calm irritation. It does feel very gentle on the skin and soothing and it's nice to know there are solutions to purify a sensitive skin, as sometimes you feel like you can't even touch it. Adjust the time to how much your skin needs: I would say to use it for a shorter amount of time (maybe not wait until it completely dries) if your skin is very irritated/sensitive because even gentle products can make you feel like it's drying/irritated in that case.

Refreshing Green

If you have oily skin, this is the one that will work best for you. It purifies deeply thanks to the lemongrass extract that controls sebum. I won't lie, I don't use this one often because I don't need to reduce oil on my skin, but I'd say it's the one that makes you feel the cleanest with a refreshing feeling. Of course, use a good moisturizer afterward: I used a bit more than usual because it is logically the most drying one.


Overall, they all help to remove excess oil, clean pores and gently exfoliate. If you have a combination skin, you can use the green clay mask on the oily areas of your face and the pink or white one on the rest. I also found that the price is pretty good for the quality and amount you get. I tend to switch between different types of masks during the week so they will last me for a while!


I did wait a bit more than 3 minutes to take the pictures haha

I did wait a bit more than 3 minutes to take the pictures haha



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Detoxing masks

Generally, detoxing is something to do in between seasons. As the external factors are changing (weather, humidity, light), the body may react in an odd way and we can get more tired, and of course the skin reacts differently. Detox can be done eating a cleaner diet than usual (cleanses, raw diets, more super food and immune system boosters, ...) but also by using beauty products that will work directly on the skin. I love to combine both. As I just came back from Tokyo, where my skin felt tired and sensitive, and where I worked at an intense rhythm, I was glad to have these two masks to try on and cope with the lifestyle changes.



Glossier - Mega Greens Galaxy Pack - 22$ (get 20% off using this link)

I feel like this mask is best when your skin feels sensitive but also a little oily - I usually don't have an oily skin but as I said, after this intense summer my skin is a little different than usual. It contains both clay and aloe to draw out oil and calm the skin. I like that it has also little grains in it so when you wash it off, after applying for about 20mn, it also gently exfoliates the dead cells, great 2-in-1 product. After washing it off, my skin was matte, super soft, and not turning red so easily anymore. The best is to follow with a very good moisturizer (like their Moisturizing Moon Mask for example) to complete the soothing and cocooning effect you want for you skin.




Bogavia - Detox Mineral face mask - 40$

I really like the texture of this mask, it's watery but still thick at the same time, like a gel. Also its color is almost black and it doesn't really have a scent, which makes it unique. It has more of a soothing and calming effect than a drying one, which is perfect if your skin is not oily but you still need a detox. It also contains aloe (like many of Bogavia's products actually), but also dead sea mud, which has a high concentration of minerals, ideal to regenerate and revitalize the skin while soothing it. I generally prefer to leave this one on a shorter time (about 10mn), because I don't like to feel the skin completely frozen, but it's personal (you can actually leave it on 20mn).


Skinclay masks

I actually didn't know much about clay before except that it was natural and good for your skin thanks to the minerals and nutrients it contains. I knew there were different kinds but didn't know which one was good for which type of skin and why. I also didn't really know which brands to try on. So when I stayed at Alice Cornish's place while I was in London, it was a great occasion to discover her own brand of natural clay masks : after Alice discovered the effects of green clay on her skin, she researched about all different types of clay and created her own brand Skinclay, to share the great effects.

The brand has 3 different clay masks : red clay which is better for a normal or combination skin, white clay which is for sensitive and dry skin and green clay which is recommended for oily or acneic skin.

I tried 2 of them, the red one and the white one, because I have normal skin that tends to be sensitive depending on different factors.


Red Clay Mask

I first tried the red clay mask, middle of May, because my skin wasn't particularly sensitive at that moment, and I simply wanted to purify it. Living in big towns, I can notice that the pollution leaves my skin dirty when I clean my face on evenings.

In the sachet, there is a little spatula that you will use to mix the powder with 3 table spoons of water (the best is mineral water). I personally think there is enough clay for at least 2 masks in a sachet, so I wouldn't pour the whole thing and save the rest for another time, but it all depends how much on you are using. Then you apply the mask on your face and wait for about 10mn before it dries completely, and rinse it.

After the mask, I could really notice that my skin was more "pure" : more even skin tone, very soft to touch, and the small imperfections were gone or smaller and the mask is very gentle on the skin.


White Clay Mask

I used the white clay mask while I was taking some medication, because I had some of the side effects from the medication that made my skin feel a little more sensitive and a little itchy. I felt like this mask had a cool down effect and relieved the itching. My skin was also purified and soft like after using the red clay one. I also chose to apply a moisturizing mask afterwards to rehydrate my skin. And I of course enjoyed making cute faces with my mask during the 10mn waiting. I feel that skin care should be a fun moment and it's great to do it because it's fun and not because "you have to".


You can "personalize" your mask

On Skinclay's blog, Alice gives examples of natural masks that you can make with simple ingredients and a Skinclay sachet. It's actually nice to remember that like clay, the healthy food that you eat contains great vitamins and minerals and can actually work on your health from the outside too, directly on your skin !

I haven't tested them yet but for example the de-puffing mask is something I would need during winter in NY : as my apartment is dry, I sometimes have a puffy face when I wake up. This one requires 1 ice cube, 3 tbsp of brewed cooled green tea and a white clay mask sachet. You simply stir everything together until the ice cube has melted and apply it like the other masks, for about 10mn.

I am not using only natural brands, and I like trying different kind of cosmetics and skincare products, but I have to say that sometimes going simple is often a win, especially if you have a sensitive skin.

With Skinclay, the process to mix your mask yourself is also pretty fun, and it allows the product to be preservative and chemical free. I also like the fact that this brand is the result of the experience of a model ; I'm not saying all models are pros in skin care domain, but I tend to trust girls who find solutions to keep their skin healthy despite all the make up they have to put on.