Vogue Taiwan August 2017


        I was so happy to see our work in Vogue Taiwan! It's only the 3rd time I post my work in here but already the second time you see the name Ruo Bing Li haha, I just love his work! He doesn't use much retouching, he has interesting angles, and always has this fresh final result that I really love as it's both sophisticated and natural looking.

        And that's what we can find in this story: you see the skin, and because of the angles it has an intimate atmosphere I find, but the makeup (by the sweet Liset Garza) is bold and colorful, not your usual go-to look! It says to break the rule, and I don't think anyone can wear a colorful round of color around their eye of course, but why not a colorful eyeliner (I wore blue here)? Why not a colored mascara? Or a mix of soft colors on your eyelid? That's what you can get inspired to do if you want to change from what you see every day. To avoid the too much effect, chose colors that go well together, make thin lines and use a classic place/shape (for example, do your colorful eyeliner on your top eyelid, not your bottom one), but most of all, have fun!!!



The team

Photographer: Ruo Bing Li

Makeup: Liset Garza

Hair: Junya Nakashima



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