Sol Semilla

Food in Paris - Sol Semilla


When it comes to testing new restaurants, it's always hard for me to just do a search and read the ratings on the internet, because often it doesn't correspond to what I will actually like. I prefer to have a friend's recommendation since they know my taste better and I know from their own taste if what they like will also please me. Thankfully I have a great roommate in Paris who shares my love for healthy food, and she is the one who told me about Sol Semilla. This restaurant is not only entirely vegan but also organic and focuses on superfood from Amazonia, where the chef is from. The concept is simple, there are a few choices on the menu; soups and raw plates, but the most popular and great to discover this cuisine is the daily plate, changed every day and cooked with local and in season ingredients.

The plate has everything you need to be healthy: raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, grains, and legumes. But the way it is cooked and the different textures are beyond satisfying! I was really amazed by how much flavor every bite had, very sophisticated and comforting at the same time. Eating at Sol Semilla made me want to learn how to cook better to be able to share these flavors. Their desserts are great if you don't like too sweet foods and are sensitive to subtle flavors. Some of them reminded me of baby food (in a good way!), but I didn't test the cakes yet. I also tried 2 of their drinks as I went there 2 times, a plant-based milk with herbs which was subtly sweet, and one with raw cacao and chili, which was both boosting and comforting.


The restaurant becomes quickly very busy as it is pretty popular, but the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere of the place is really pleasant and cosy (there even is a cat !) so I didn't mind to wait a little more in between the main course and the dessert. To be honest, I don't think Sol Semilla is the best place to bring someone who isn't used to eat healthy and plant based as it really pushes down that way, but for all those who already walk this path it definitely is a place to go. I will go back for sure, glad to add it to my favorite restaurants list. The address is 23 rue des Vinaigriers in the 10th arrondissement, super close to the Canal St Martin.