My leather jacket




We're in this period when you don't know how to dress and you're freezing in the morning but sweating in the afternoon, and one day it feels like spring and the next day it feels like winter again... The truth is that there is no real solution, and we'll all be freezing/sweating until the weather finally settles (if it does). But I find that alternating between the motorcycle leather jacket in the warmer days and the bomber jacket in the colder ones is the most comfortable thing to do at the moment. So my winter coat is back in the closet for good and here I am talking about one of my favorite piece in my wardrobe.

My leather jacket is from Sandro Paris, from a few seasons ago, but sadly, they don't sell it anymore. I remember that day when, after loosing my old leather jacket in a bar, I went shopping with a friend trying to find a not-so-expensive vintage leather jacket. "A classic black one", I decided and was sure about what I wanted. But of course, during window shopping I let myself get seduced by this one. It was love at first sight ! I love when I have a real crush on a piece of clothing, that I will cherish for as long as it will last. And believe me, it doesn't happen to me often. I like that the shape is very classic and basic (no crazy spikes on the shoulders or weird pockets), but the crackled leather gives it a complete different style, adding an original touch to a classic item.