Marc Jacobs

Yes to blue eyeliner !

To be honest I am pretty new at doing my make-up, and when I watch professional make-up artists paint my face at work, it can be quite intimidating because it makes me realize how it isn't that simple. But when I started The French Glow, it made me want to learn about it as I saw there is so many products to try and how much fun it is to chose my looks and how it make me feel different. I am a big fan of simple things that stand out. So, a few weeks ago when a make-up artist put blue eyeliner on me, I really wanted to steal the look for my own make-up, because it is simple and original, as well as wearable but still strong.




On these pictures I used Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner in Code Blue 22, because I had a chance to wear it during a job and loved the really thin pencil, which is great if you want to do draw something not too dramatic, the color is also perfect - I read that if you had blue eyes, you couldn't wear blue make-up... Well, I guess blue cobalt works fine ! The only annoying thing with the Fineliner is that it tends to smudge a bit, so I use transparent fixing powder on top of it.


If funny to realize how I move differently on set depending on my make-up, hair and clothes. Even if I still don't think make-up is compulsory it's great to know how you can use it to show your assets and build self-confidence !