Fleur du Mal


One of my favorite shoot from 2018 was with Fleur du Mal. A few years ago, it would have been impossible for me to feel comfortable while doing a lingerie shoot, because I wasn’t feeling good at at al in my body and was in general very self-conscious. In that case, when you don’t have clothes on to “hide yourself” in them, it can be really hard to not feel vulnerable…

But all those feelings are behind me now, thanks to the right people surrounding me and some self reflection I had to undergo. I can say now that I love my body and feel comfortable in my skin, but of course I also like to know that I work with the best teams who will be able to represent me the way I like to be! So it was such a pleasure for me to be able to work with a brand that I knew would make me look at my best and with a photographer, Daniella Midenge, who knows how to capture sensuality as I like it.

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My body isn’t always where I’d want it to be like most people, but it’s my body! Which is pretty cool because it’s healthy, allows me to travel, eat great food, workout, feel… And even if feminity is only one side of it all, and that you can express power and feminity in many different ways, I can say it really is amazing to feel free to express your sensuality without worrying about anything! I really love the pictures from that day and I feel thankful!


The Team:

Photographer: Daniella Midenge

Hair and Make-up: Casey Geren

Production: Jennifer Zuccarini

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