Bright Orange - Spring Look


I was hanging out with some friends living in Jersey city this weekend and I forgot how the view of New York City from the other side is beautiful! I'm feeling lucky to live in such a big city where I always feel the most motivated because of the communicative energy that exists here. I took advantage of the view and shot a couple pictures for The French Glow.



It was pretty hot but very very (very!) windy that day, so I chose light closes that still cover my skin to balance between the two feelings. I loved the color of my Cos sweater (they say it's red but for me it's definitely orange haha!) but with that shape, I didn't really know what to wear it with because it can feel a bit unflattering. With these very light and super comfy Aerie pants, I really liked the look that mixes comfort and style. Pair that with sandals and a designer bag and you have a comfortable/chic look.




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The bag is a different model but same style, and the shoes are Jimmy Choo but I give you a similar option from Zara :)




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