Sakura Season


The most beautiful season is back! I was a bit jealous when I saw the pictures of some of my friends who are in Japan for Sakura season because it's such a big deal there and Naka-Meguro has this special feeling with the small river and the trees around it. So I searched for the same romantic atmosphere in New York and went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden where some cherry trees were blooming. I love the romantic pictures we took there so much that I'm going to spam you and put more than I usually do in this article, as I hope you'll like this atmosphere as much as I do.




It was really nice to see everyone enjoying the beauty of the flowers, I love that spring makes everyone feel better as we know sun and light are really important for the mind! But I have this problem in spring: I don't always know what to wear. It's sunny and starts to be warm but I am still getting cold easily and end up switching between trying to avoid freezing or being super sweaty. That's why I liked this cropped Zara sweater which is just right for this problem for me: covering my arms and not my belly makes me feel warmer than the contrary. I also wore my Alpha Industries bomber (I chose the men's small size as I wanted a slightly oversized look) as it got cooler at the end of the day and I loved the classic army look next to the Sakura blooming's dreamy feeling. And I felt like wearing nude pumps with my ripped Madewell jeans (told you I loved their denim!) was balancing the whole look as the ambiance was more chic and romantic. What a beautiful season.



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The shoes are from a past season and the bag is vintage so I give you similar options ;)



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