How to : casual red


I think red is becoming my favorite color. I've been told it suits me, but even if people would have told me the contrary I'd still wear it ! I like how bold that color is wether it's on your lips, your sweater, your pants and even on your eyes. Now, it's not everyday that you can wear a whole red outfit and look casual, and even just red pants aren't always easy to assume for everybody. So here is an example of how you can do casual with bright red.



I do like taking pictures in Tribeca as there is this mix between old and modern buildings. This is what I'm looking for in general: I tend to dislike total looks and lack of variation unless you go for minimal or all black. When red is on anything that isn't sweater or sweatpants, I think that it makes it automatically chic or/and showy, and needs to be broken down with something more relaxed and casual. That's why I wanted to wear my Free People sweater with a t-shirt underneath and pair it my with ripped Madewell jeans and sneakers. But not any sneakers, those babies are from the Nike Air Max anniversary and are already sold out, I barely dare walking in them as I don't want to make them dirty haha ! Add a belt, a cool New Era hat, thin jewelry to bring bag the chic of it and that's it. A comfortable not-over-the-top look with bright red.



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Unfortunately the shoes are already sold out :( but hopefully will be restocked

And the sweater is from a past collection so here is a similar one


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