Last minute christmas gifts


        Every damn year I tell myself I should do all my Christmas shopping BEFORE December, yet every year I end up doing some last minute researches online because I've been procrastinating... Wether you're like me or if you're still shopping for friends or family you'll see after the holidays, here's a small gift guide that might help :)!



  • Match Stix Trio - Fenty Beauty - 54$ The beauty branch of Fenty was one of the biggest drops this year and everyone was excited about it, because 1 - It's by the only one, Rihanna, 2 - It's finally an inclusive beauty brand with its wide range of shades and 3 - It's actually good quality! I had the luck to try it a bit before it was out, and I can say my favorite of all their items are the match stix, by far. They're easy to use, have so many playful colors, and have magnets in is to keep them all together in your bag!
  • Kindle - 99,99 now For the one who loves to read but also loves to travel. There is nothing like the sensation of an actual book but they are so heavy that you can never travel with more than 3 each time. So Kindle is nice alternative for the ones like me who are often on a plane.
  • Midnight Repair Oil - Bogavia - 48$ There is a reason I still talk about Bogavia, it's the perfect mix between luxury and plant based skincare. I am actually trying new products from them and will review it soon, but here is one of their best product that you can make your best friend or your mom discover!


  • Mobile Lens Kit - Urban Outfitters - 34$ More and more people only use their phone as a camera, so it can be nice to explore different possibilities of pictures in a playful way.
  • Gift Subscription - Birchbox - 30$ for 3 month This gift is good if you're the laziest: you don't even have to pack the gift as it already comes as a cute box. Good point too as it's ok to be late for this one, they'll receive the January one as a late gift that makes them feel the magic of Christmas longer!
  • 2018 Planner - Mochithings - 26.95$ For the ones who love beautiful stationery and who like organization.
  • Hydrating Rubber Mask - Dr. Jart - 12$ The perfect gift for someone you don't know so well and who loves skincare. Everyone needs a little hydration and this 2 step rubber mask is cooler than your average sheet mask. I made a review of the other rubber masks here.
  • Naughty Nice Sweater - Wildfox - 108$ I fell in love with this sweater when I worked for Wildfox. Because it's soft, the message is fun and it's red (and #REDismycolor :P)!

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Picture by The Cobra Snake for Wildfox