High Carb Low Fat

As I mentioned it before, I tend to eat a high carb low fat (HCLF) diet. I don't really believe in being too strict regarding food, and of course I don't measure exactly my macro proportion, but this is the way of eating that makes me feel best energy wise and health wise. I don't think it's the only way to eat healthy at all, I have friends following a high fat and low carb diet who are really happy about it. But I really wanted to talk about HCLF because it took me some time to find my balance and I think it's important to talk about how carbs are important for the body and that they aren't bad for you.

What is HCLF ?

So as you probably guessed, this diet is supposed to include more carbs than fats and proteins. A good ratio should be around 80% of carbs, 10% of proteins and 10% of fats (and obviously including greens), but some people go towards 90-5-5. It is also important to get enough calories so you reach a correct amount of fats and proteins which are necessary to stay healthy. It's about giving your body the amount it needs in proteins (generally to be healthy the human body needs 1g of proteins per Kg of body weight) and fats (healthy fats are very important for many body and mind functions, a good level of hormones, and also skin, nails and hair), and eat greens, and unprocessed carbs in abundance (if you only eat processed foods, it won't make you feel good nor be healthy even following a HCLF routine).

Why did I chose this way of eating ?

I used to think a high carb diet would make anyone fat and that it wasn't really necessary to eat carbs because they don't bring you anything. Because if I looked around me, the low carbs meals and diets were way more "popular", and everyone spreads the word that carbs are somehow bad for you. But when I read about a plant based and high carb low fat way of eating, it made me want to try it because it seemed that it would be more satisfying as generally carb foods are less calorie dense than fat food (just compare 100g of nuts and 100g of fruits, or even rice for example). I also have a lot more energy after eating carbs than after eating fats, that tends to take a lot longer to digest and feels heavier on the stomach. For me it's the way of eating that brings together health, satisfaction and wellbeing. I obviously don't eat HCLF every single day, but I generally don't feel as good when I don't. This way of eating isn't for everybody and some people can't eat larger quantities, therefore to have enough nutrients they must eat more calorie dense foods, some people will also feel better eating a higher percentage of fats. I think it's about finding what makes you feel good in your own body and skin.


Why Carbs won't make you fat

Let's get a little precise here as you need to understand what are carbs and what happens when you eat them. Carbs are the most essential source of energy for your cells (especially brain cells !), they will use other substances for fuel only in case of carb deprivation. Most of it will be metabolized (broken) into glucose and used right away by the cells as it's the nutrients they need. Note that carbs in lower glycemic food are broken into glucose molecules more slowly so it provides a more regular source of energy for the cells. The extra glucose available is stored as glycogen so it can be used anytime when you need energy. The only reason why one gets fat eating many carbs is by staying sedentary and also by eating big amounts of higher glycemic food, as the storage for glycogen is limited and the rest will be changed into fat (I could write more about this and also the role of insulin but let's stay simple for now).

So, if you exercise regularly, don't worry about getting fat under a HCLF diet. Remember that you need to feed your cells, so eat unprocessed carbs and exercise, this is the key.

Recipe for this one  here

Recipe for this one here