Winter coat

I am a bit exigent when it comes to finding the perfect winter coat. The criteria number one is for it to be very warm, but I didn't want it too big either. I love oversize, but I am no into big fluffy parkas. I feel like you are kind of getting lost behind it.

I finally fell for this Joseph gray coat. I like the contrast that the coat creates with a darker look underneath. As I dress in black all the time, or dark gray... or dark anything, it is just what I needed ! It's also keeping me warm enough thanks to a dense texture, except when it gets exceptionally cold then I just add one more layer and I don't suffer. But nobody wears just a t-shirt with these temperatures anyway. I also love the simple classic look it has, it gives a chic touch to anything, even if I want to wear cool sweatpants. But without getting extra fancy : keep it simple.