New Year's Resolutions

Photography by Anne Menke for The Untitled Magazine

Photography by Anne Menke for The Untitled Magazine

You can make new goals and stick to them the whole year, but like some people the first day of the year feels special to me. It's like a fresh start when you can apply everything you learned from the past year and make the right choices for the next one. I wanted to share my personal 2017's resolutions here because it's a way to make sure I'll stick to it.

My goals for 2017 :

  • Focus more. Since I'm a child I've been a daydreamer, often lost in my thoughts. My troubles to focus on one precise thing makes it sometimes hard for me to reach my goals as fast as I'd like. But the few times I could really focus on a specific task I could do it the way I wanted, well and a lot quicker. As I have many exciting plans for 2017, I want to put everything in my power to be better at focusing on them.
  • Be more organized. This is a logical following: in order to focus more, I want to spend less time procrastinating and not knowing what comes next in my schedule. I also simply enjoy being methodical but I am being a bit too lazy about it. I want to do more and think less (it's all about balance), and being organized is a step toward it.
  • Read more. I used to read a lot as a teenager, but since I started traveling I slowly stopped. Since then I left many interesting books unfinished. Books are a great way to get lost in a story or learn from people who had the same struggles as you have and grow from it.
  • Learn German. I love languages and I admire people who can speak many of them. I've been trying on and off with German for the past few years, focusing on it for a few month and see results, and then leave it and forget. Right now, my way to be regular is to use the app Duolingo as you only need your phone to "study", but I want to step forward and be more serious and watch movies in German more often, and I hope to make good progress really soon.

These are my most important resolutions. I have other goals that I'll share with you later, and I also plan to be more present on The French Glow as I had troubles to be regular while traveling for work. Stay tuned !

What are your goals for 2017 ?